Fruit trees for your garden

Fruit trees for your garden

With so many fruit trees for your garden to choose from, how do you know which will be suitable? We’ve got you covered! No matter what size garden you have, there are always options to include fruit trees. Even on a balcony or patio, there is a tree for every garden. The great think about fruit trees is they are both beautiful and productive. 

Check the eventual size when picking fruit trees for your garden

Like with any tree, it is really important to check what size your tree will be in years to come. A tree that is too big may cause problems or a tree that is too small may not have the impact you want it to in a large garden, then there are trees that will happily grow in a pot on a balcony and others that will need more space in time. Make sure you do some research first before you purchase your new garden tree. 

Fruit trees for your garden with fruit that you love 

Just like growing vegetables, when you start researching for your new fruit trees, consider what fruit you love to eat or perhaps what isn’t so easy to find at the shops or something you would specifically like to try. Here are some of our favourite fruit trees:

  • Appletree varieties are perfect for pots,
  • Citrus trees are ideal for a sunny spot,
  • Cherry trees are famous for their blossom and later fruits, there are many options.

You could make jam with a tall Rowan or enjoy the juicy plums off a plum tree, as long as the birds don’t get them first!

How to plant fruit trees for your garden 

It's not difficult to plant a tree as long as you hang onto this guideline:

  • Soak the roots before you plant during autumn and winter, 
  • Make sure the ground isn’t frozen and pick your spot where the sun shines.
  • Dig a hole that is bigger than the roots of the tree you are planting and no deeper than the roots on the tree.
  • If your tree needs stake support to grow put that into the hole at this stage.
  • Place the tree in the hole and backfill, giving it another water and a mulch as well. 

Fruit trees for your garden need pollination

Many common garden fruit trees are self-fertile, meaning they don’t need to be paired with a second tree for pollination to occur but there are many others that do. This means you may need to ensure there is another different cultivar of the same fruit within the vicinity to ensure the tree bears fruit. Check the fruit you are purchasing to be sure and ask for advice if needed. 

Find fruit trees and plant accessories plus advice when you visit us in store. 

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