Meet Our Animals

Quickly becoming the highlight when visiting our Garden Centre...

"When Poppy's Farm was introduced at the Garden Centre, we knew that we needed to make it a home for animals too."


After the success of introducing Eric & Ernie and watching people interact and enjoy having farm animals, we knew that pigs were the next ones to tick off.

Then came four pigs from Pennywell farm. Siblings named Rosemary, Saffron, Basil, and Nutmeg. Since introducing them to the garden centre they've been a huge success with people always making sure to pay them a visit and "say hello to the pigs".

If you've ever been lucky enough to see them being taken for their daily walk around the Plant area then you'll know how full of personality they all are.



Our Feeding Times are at 12:00pm every day, starting with our pigs first!



Our Pigs

Our pigs all come from the same litter, they were born at Pennywell farm in 2021 and they all have very unique personalities...


Basil is the leader of the bunch; he is full of energy with a cheeky character who loves to soak up the sun and play with his sisters.


Rosemary is our most excitable pig. She loves her fruit, especially apples and will do anything to get her trotters on some. Rosemary can be clumsy sometimes but she's always trying, and she gives 110% effort in from of her siblings.


Saffron loves attention, she'll always be the first to come forward when visitors are around. You might say she's a bit of a show off!


Nutmeg is the clumsiest of the bunch, she's also a bit of a dreamer and very laid back. She likes to follow her siblings around and go with the flow, you're likely to find her playing in the mud or daydreaming in the sun.

Eric & Ernie

Eric is the leader out of the two brothers. He loves to be at the heart of the action and always at the front. Eric has a friendly nature about him but he also likes to be cheeky sometimes!

Ernie is the quieter out of the two and is a big day dreamer, like many of us, he enjoys people watching when visitors are around.


Our chickens here on Poppy's Farm love to peck around, forage and scratch the ground for treats.

They like to eat worms, bugs and insects that are on the ground and they love to eat fruit and veg from The Fruit Shack!

Our Bees

We're buzzing about our recent addition of bees to Poppy's Farm.

Once our bees start creating enough honey we hope to make this available in Blake's Farm Shop, currently, the hives are cared for by Steve who produces 'Worcestershire Honey', this is already available to buy from us in the Farm Shop.