Keeping a great lawn

Keeping a great lawn

Our guide to keeping a great lawn will help you to take the steps needed to ensure it is lush, green and in good health. Lawns are essential aspects of many gardens and can bring so much to a garden design. From long, straight formal lawns to curved edges surrounded by perennials and bedding plants, the lawn is a place to lounge, exercise and play. 

Keeping a great lawn requires care

Even a patchy lawn can be saved with the proper care and attention.

  • If it’s looking tired or not in the best condition, it will just need some time and attention to bring it back to life.

  • As the weather warms up during spring, start to cut your lawn on the highest setting on your mower. This will ensure your grass doesn't go into shock when it first gets cut.

  • Then gradually lower the setting, so each time you mow, the setting is lower.

  • If you spot moss, spring is a good time to remove that. If you need to feed your lawn, apply it to the lawn when rain is due so it can be absorbed into the soil. 

Summer tips for keeping a great lawn

During summer, the lawn can look a little well used, especially if you have children or pets playing outside all of the time. You can apply a pet-friendly fertiliser and water well but don’t feed after August because any new growth may get damaged as autumn approaches and the weather gets cooler. If it is patchy, you could re-sow seeds in late summer/autumn and protect them with some netting from little feet. 

Keeping a great lawn means sowing more seeds

There will be times when you need to reseed your lawn. Just remove any weeds in autumn or spring, rake over the surface and break it up a little before sowing seeds and watering. You must pick the best seed for your lawn and if there is heavy footfall, make sure it is hard-wearing so it is easier to maintain when used a lot.

Winter care for keeping a great lawn

During the colder months of the year, your lawn won’t need feeding or weeding but still be aware that it does need some attention to make sure it doesn't get ruined during sustained periods of wet weather. If you can, try not to walk on the lawn so much over the winter period that it can help keep it in great shape. 

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