Fun Gardening Projects | Create your own colourful container

  1. Choose a funky pot (your favourite colour)
  2. Make sure there are some drainage holes in the base, then add some multi-purpose compost (nearly to the top, but not quite)
  3. Pick out some plants
  4. Remove them from their bases and places them on the compost
  5. Once all of the plants are in your pot, add more compost around the plants
  6. Water the plants, and place your pot in a sheltered, sunny spot
  7. Water them regularly

Fun Gardening Projects | Buy a bug house and watch the magic happen

At St Peters Garden Centre, we sell lovely bug and bee houses for the garden. We have lots of different sizes, perfect for all types of garden.

  1. Buy yourself a bug house
  2. Get creative and decorate it with some pens
  3. Pop it in your garden, and you’ll soon see some bugs move in!

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