National Children’s Gardening Week

Together, we help children grow.

From Saturday 27th May – Sunday 4th June, Children’s Gardening Week is happening. It’s an annual celebration that encourages kids to get their hands dirty and explore the wonders of gardening. It aims to inspire children to connect with nature, learn about plants, and cultivate their own green spaces. It provides a fantastic opportunity for youngsters to discover the joys of planting seeds, nurturing plants, and watching them grow.

Through various activities and workshops, children can develop essential skills such as responsibility, patience, and creativity while fostering a deep appreciation for the environment. Children's Gardening Week promotes physical activity and outdoor play and instils a sense of pride and accomplishment as children witness the fruits of their labour flourishing in their own garden or community garden. It’s great to introduce children to gardening at a young age, and hopefully they’ll start to love nature and gardening!

Find out more about the week, including how you can get involved here:

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