Hardy plants for your garden

These hardy plants for your garden will help you create a colourful space with plants that will grow back year after year. Each of these are easy to grow and care for, and you will know that they will survive cold weather over the winter and soon grow back up above the soil again in spring. Hardy plants mean less need for lifting plants and protecting plants, and you can sit back and enjoy your garden. We show you six of our favourite hardy plants to grow in your garden.

Hardy plants to grow in your garden

  1. Achillea (yarrow)

Yarrow has feathery foliage and brightly coloured flat flower heads. It's attractive to pollinators and can brighten up a border in no time. It's often one of the first and last to flower in the garden, it has a long flowering season and looks great in a bunch of cut flowers. Plant in a sunny spot with well-drained soil. 

  1. Hylotelephium spectabile (sedum) 

Not only hardy, but it doesn't need much water either, so this is highly sought after and enjoyed perennially. It flowers in late summer and is another plant perfect for pollinators. The seed heads also look incredible over winter giving food and shelter to insects. 

  1. Lamprocapnos spectabilis (bleeding heart)

Once known as Dicentra, the bleeding heart is a well-loved perennial that will flower with rows of pink or white heart-shaped flowers. It is a sight to behold! Part shade and moist soil are preferable, and it will grow and works well surrounded by Hostas and Ferns.

  1. Geranium (cranesbill) 

Cranesbill isn't the same as the bedding Geranium that graces containers and hanging baskets in the summer. It's a hardy perennial that can cover ground really quickly. There are many to choose from, including vibrant pink to almost blue, and they need very little care. These can flower for a long spring and summer period and grow back again the following year.

  1. Alchemilla mollie (lady's mantle)

Perhaps one of the hardiest of them all, the vibrant green flowers work well with just about any other garden plant and in a vase of cut flowers. It needs very little care but will self-seed readily, so keep an eye on seedlings popping up where you don't want them and cut back the flower heads as they fade. Lady's mantle looks good in a border mixed with Salvia nemorosa and Penstemon. 

  1. Erysimum (wallflowers) 

As an evergreen perennial, wall flowers should be in everyone's garden! Not only can you find various colours, including two-tone flowers, but they also attract bees and flowers for months on end. Grow these in full sun and well-drained soil, even in chalky soil and in coastal gardens where they will look great with Miscanthus. Ideally, prune it after flowering to keep it healthy. 

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