Best plants for a window kitchen garden 

Choose the best plants for a window kitchen garden to ensure you have a thriving place in your kitchen full of plants. Whether you have a garden and just want to make the most of your space indoors as well, or if you only have indoor space to grow and want to make the most of every inch, this list of plants will help you get botanical inside on any windowsill. There are many options, and in fact, you go traditional or tropical and edible to ornamental with a little plant creativity. Your windowsill will look wonderful. 

Herbs are the best plants for a window kitchen garden 

Undoubtedly herbs are at the top of the list for a kitchen windowsill. Not only can many be grown indoors, but they can be easy to grow, care for and productive. Jut a quick snip, and you have fresh leaves for cooking, baking or drink decorations. Try Basil ‘Purple Ruffels’ for all of the flavour with deep purple foliage. Coriander is a great herb to grow to garnish curry, and Oregano is a versatile herb for cooking with. 

More best plants for a window kitchen garden include edible flowers 

Herbs aren’t the only edibles for a kitchen windowsill. There are many edible flowers that you could also grow inside. Try these:

  • Violas for cake decorating and popping into ice trays for a summer drink
  • Nasturtiums can trail along and down the window ledge to use the flowers and foliage in salads. Best of all, mix these edibles with herbs for a lovely display.
  • Nasturtium ‘Ladybird Rose’ has a pink tinge,
  • Discover the bright orange and reds of varieties such as ‘Empress of India’. 

Microgreens are the best plants for a window kitchen garden

Some of the most simple, nutritious edibles to grow are microgreens. Great for small spaces, sow plenty of seeds in a seed tray or recycled food container in compost. Keep them moist and harvest when they are no bigger than 10cm. You can grow all kinds of microgreens, from sprouts to radish and beetroot to fenugreek. All delicious, fast-growing and full of nutrition. 

Tropical plants are the best plants for a window kitchen garden 

There are many tropical plants we can grow in the UK inside rather than outside. Hibiscus, small citrus trees (if you have a larger window space), Oxalis and Orchids are all incredibly colourful and grow well inside. Add in a Fuchsia, and you can even make Fuchsia jam with the berries! 

As you can see, you needn’t be restricted by space, and there is always more room for plants on any windowsill! 

Create your kitchen garden with seeds and plants from in store and get advice from our friendly team. 

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