Landscaping with succulents

Landscaping with succulents

It’s fun landscaping with succulents, especially in the garden's dry areas, or simply creating a stunning display. They are a wonderful and easy collection of plants to include in any garden. They grow well on patios and balconies and are being used much more in landscaping schemes due to the changing climate and plant trends. Here is our guide to ensuring you create an inspired and thriving succulent garden. 

Pick your site for landscaping with succulents 

Succulents are native desert pants, so considering this, a dry, sunny site is best. Some will grow in part shade, but mostly they will need some sunshine. However, in some cases, prolonged exposure to sunshine can do more harm than good, so giving them some shade will be helpful.

Use your houseplants for landscaping with succulents 

If you want to keep your indoor succulents thriving and try out some ideas in the garden, move your indoor succulents outside during the warmer months and place them where you are thinking of planting to help you decide what and where to plant them. 

Landscaping with succulents choices 

These are succulents you can use for landscaping in the garden. Remember that succulents fancy dry spots. Therefore, use them on a sloping hill in the garden. Here are our favourite succulents you can grow outside, but there are many more to choose from. Consider their mature size when designing your succulent garden, so they have plenty of space and airflow to grow well. 

  • Aeonium,
  • Agave
  • Aloe
  • Crassula
  • Echeveria
  • Haworthia
  • Kalanchoe
  • Sedums

Planting and watering when landscaping with succulents is important 

Soil with plenty of sand or horticultural grit is needed because of succulents like well-drained soil and never waterlogged or heavy. A great tip is to make the hole where you will be planting just big enough for the root ball, but then don’t backfill. This allows the soil to backfill naturally and the roots time to establish close to the surface, which will benefit the succulents. Succulents do need water, just not as much as many other plants. So water them well but not too often. 

Patterns when landscaping with succulents

When you plant succulents close together, you have the opportunity to create a beautiful piece of art full of different colours, shapes and textures. From swirls to even letters, the options are endless and can provide a great focal point in the garden, either in a garden bed or a tabletop display. You can also use succulents in what would be considered a traditional rock garden. Instead of using alpines, why not plant succulents instead. Along with this, especially in a small space, you can use your vertical areas to create a succulent living wall. 

Succulents allow you to get really creative and design around pathways, in planters, up walls, in a rockery that will provide you with a great garden and be good for the dryer garden planting that we expect going into the future. 

We have many different succulents for you to landscape your garden with, visit us in store to find your perfect plants. 

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