Dog Policy

Here at St Peters we have always welcomed Dogs into the Garden Centre. In fact, we actively encourage owners to bring them in as opposed to leaving them locked up in cars.

  1. Due to Food Hygiene requirements, dogs are not allowed into our Farm Shop, or in the main dining areas of the restaurant. We do allow dogs in our Marquee & on our patio/lawn areas outside of the restaurant. We, therefore, allow dogs to be 'walked' through the restaurant, to gain access to these areas, but please do this directly to avoid the dog straying off into the seating area.
  2. Should there be a 'doggy accident', please report it immediately to a member of staff. Obviously, we would appreciate it if you can clean up any mess, but please also let us know so we can sanitise the area. If you need to dispose of waste, please make sure this is double bagged, and then placed in one of our outside bins.
  3. We do have an ‘emergency kit’ with all the tools and products necessary to clean up such accidents, so if you do require some help, please ask a member of staff.

We thank you and your four-legged friends for your cooperation!