Planet Mark Certification

We've always tried to run a business that's sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. However, for a garden centre our size it can be a huge task.

One of the biggest issues we found is that we didn’t know the size of the problem. We didn’t know what our footprint was and didn’t know where the worst of our emissions were coming from.

So, in 2020 we signed up to become Planet Mark members...


A Planet Mark Certification is an approved way of measuring a business’s Carbon Footprint and requires a commitment to get to NetZero.

Carbon Footprints are measured using 3 ‘scopes’, as follows:

  • Scope 1 - Company Facilities/Vehicles, Gas, Fuel, & Refrigerants 
  • Scope 2 - Electricity, Heating & Cooling
  • Scope 3 - Upstream & Downstream Impacts

Three Step Process

Planet Mark use a unique three-step process:

  1. Measure - Collate & verify data to achieve certification.
  2. Engage - Engagement with the entire team and stakeholders to build a culture of sustainability from within.
  3. Communicate - Letting our Team, and our Customers know what we are doing and what we have achieved.

The certification reports are based on our Financial year so the first one covered the 12-month period ending 31/01/21.

Planet Mark are the preferred Carbon Foot Printing partner to the HTA (Horticultural Trade Association) & GCA (The Garden Centre Association).

This gives us the ability to benchmark our results with other Garden Centres & industry suppliers.

Our Certificate