How to Make a Mini Garden

Creating a mini garden is a rewarding activity that can be enjoyed by all and is a great way to get children interested in gardening.

Whether you have a small balcony, a sunny windowsill, or a little corner in your backyard, you can create a lush, vibrant mini garden that will bring joy and a touch of nature to your space.

So, gather your supplies, roll up your sleeves, and start planting! Your mini garden awaits.

What you’ll need:

  • A container
  • Compost or soil
  • Decorations from your garden: mushrooms, leaves, sticks, moss etc.
  • A small plant (we recommend an alpine)

What to do:

  1. If you have an idea of how you would like your mini garden to look, we recommend sketching this onto paper to help you visualise your design.
  2. Prep your container by filling it with compost or soil. Dig a small hole for your plant to sit in.
  3. Create any buildings next using the materials you’ve collected from the garden. This could be a little cottage made out of twigs or a mushroom that you have carved a fairy door into, for example. The possibilities and endless!
  4. Once you’ve planted your creation firmly in the soil, carve out a ditch in the soil and line it with stones to create a pathway. This can lead to and from the building(s) or be a random trail that leads anywhere your imagination takes you. It is completely up to you!
  5. Place your plant in the hole you made for it earlier and press it down into the soil.
  6. This can be slightly messy so we recommend gently brushing away any compost that may cover your path or your building(s).
  7. For the finishing touches, add anything that could bring your miniature creation to life: acorns, mushrooms and moss make for beautiful décor!
  8. The final step is to give your Mini Garden a water and place it in your desired location. Put it somewhere sheltered if you’re putting your Mini Garden outside.

We hope you enjoy your creation!

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