Garden Care (Garden Shop)

The Garden Care (or Garden Shop) department at St Peters is one of the very best in the midlands area. Packed full of garden care products to help you transform your lovely garden into a place of beauty and relaxation. Looking after your garden is very important. Like a car, your garden needs regular maintainance and care. We stock products to help you to do this. We have a large range of Weed control products, Lawn Care, Grass Seed, Cleaning products for Hard Surfaces, Pest and Disease Control, Plant Feeding, Garden Lighting, Tools and a wide range of Garden Clothing.

Weed Killers

Weeds can be very frustrating and extremely difficult to remove, especially without them reappearing. With traditional methods of weed removal proving to be very arduous work in some circumstances there needed to be a more effective alternative. Weedkillers are chemical based liquids that are specifically engineered to target different types of weed in the best way possible. Whatever the weeding job that you are trying to tackle, there is a weedkiller that is matched to that job and will do exactly what you need.

When it comes to weedkillers, we offer a full range of fit-for-purpose best sellers that deliver outstanding results in the garden.

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Lawn Care

A beautiful, well-maintained lawn is a sight to behold and will make the neighbours green with envy. Unfortunately, all too often lawns can look bare, brown, patchy or full of weeds and moss. A good 4 in 1 lawn care treatment will control most broad-leaved weeds and moss. It will also help build a thick, green lawn with strong roots which better absorb water and nutrients. This means the lawn is better prepared to handle heat, drought and other stresses, and of course you get a lush, green lawn!

When it comes to Lawn Care, we offer a full range of fit-for-purpose best sellers that deliver outstanding results in the garden. Evergreen Complete 4 in 1 is the no 1 selling brand and helps protect your lawn against heat and drought.

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Grass Seed

You might not know it but your lawn pays you back for all the hard work you put into it – your lawn serves as a huge source of air conditioning for your garden, keeping it cool in the hot summer months. It also releases oxygen and simultaneously captures dust, keeping you and your family healthy.

Say goodbye to bare patches…

Miracle-Gro Patch Magic is the easy way to repair bare patches in the lawn and produce fabulous, new green growth.

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Hard Surfaces

Paths, patios and other hard surfaces can soon become dirty and covered with green mould and and algae. This will make them look uncared for. So they need regular cleaning to keep them looking pristine all year round – which, in turn, makes the rest of the garden look great.

A good cleaner is needed, but some are better than others – and some are much easier to use.

Patio Magic!

Patio Magic! is the hassle-free solution for cleaning all outdoor hard surfaces. Just dilute the concentrate in a watering can or low-pressure garden sprayer and thoroughly wet the affected surface, then simply leave it to dry. It kills quickly, showing visible results in 2-4 days and goes on cleaning over the following weeks and months.

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Pest and Disease Control

Great battles are fought every day as gardeners strive to protect their precious crops, while a multitude of garden pests and diseases seek to destroy them!

Pest and disease control presents a huge challenge for the gardener, and identifying the cause of the damage can often be the hardest part! Those sneaky garden beasties don’t always show themselves, so how do you know whether your plants were eaten by a slug or a lily beetle?

Our friends over at love the garden have a fab page all about pest and disease control

Plant Feeding Products

The difference between sufficient food and not enough is obvious in people. Our body uses energy reserves, loses weight, becomes thin and usually we become very ill. Plants also need a balanced diet of nutrients in the soil to grow strong, healthy and perform to their full potential. Garden compost and farmyard manure added to the soil will supply some plant nutrients, but the amounts are rarely sufficient for good plant growth. That’s why you need to feed your plants. Specially formulated plant foods are made from minerals that are naturally available in the soil. They supply the nourishment plants need, replacing the soil minerals or nutrients used by the plants or washed out of the soil by rainfall or watering. The main plant nutrients are Nitrogen, Phosphorous or Phosphates and Potassium or Potash. These are needed in relatively large amounts. Other nutrients, called micronutrients or trace elements, are like our vitamins and are needed in smaller but essential amounts.

Click here for a Plant Feeding Guide PDF

Garden lighting

In the daytime, lanterns and lights from our garden lighting collection simply add a stunning new dimension to your garden. Then something amazing happens. Relax as the evening gives way to twilight and the warm glow of your outdoor lighting gently, almost imperceptibly, takes over from the slowly setting sun. Artfully arranged, it creates a softly illuminated sanctuary where heady floral scents mingle with the chink of ice and the clink of glasses. Paradise.

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Garden Tools

Our extensive range of top quality garden tools and products will help you keep your garden tended and healthy all year round. We have a range of brands to help you select the right garden tool for the job. Including our premium Stainless Steel range from Moulton Mill, our Carbon Steel range from Garden Mate, and the modern interchangeable range from Wolf, not forgetting the ‘Kew Garden’ range from spear and Jackson.

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