Top Soil Big Value Bag

Price £ 4.99

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    Top Soil Big Value Bag

    Westland Horticulture
    Price £ 4.99

    Wish to know when this product is in stock? Leave your email here to get notified.

    Top Soil Big Value Bag
    Top Soil Big Value Bag
    Price £ 4.99

    For creating new beds and borders or simply improving existing soil in your garden Westland Top Soil is ideal for a high quality finish. Furthermore, it is perfect for general lawn preparation and repairs such as levelling lawns. Therefore making it the ideal accompaniment for your general garden use. Westland Top Soil is a specially selected rich clay loam soil with a high humus content retaining nutrients and moisture. It is lime and also chalk free, perfect for adding nutrients and organic structure to enhance beds and borders. For general planting & lawn preparation. Specially selected & graded top soil. Perfect for re-invigorating garden soil. Ideal for lawn preparation & levelling.

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