Blake’s Food Hall Proud to be supplying Pershore Brewery Ales.

Head Brewer and Co-Owner Sean Barnett’s love of brewing started many years ago, whilst sampling ales at the local establishment. From here, he decided to take a brewing course to understand the technical side of mashing and hoping!

Sean spent many hours at weekends perfecting his ‘brew’, despite some minor explosions causing hops to be distributed all up the walls of our house! This never wavered his enthusiasm for crafting a decent ale. Taking it to new heights, Sean would compete against family members to see whose ale was the best.

With this enthusiasm and passion, and a plenty of recipes to choose from, it was time to launch his pride and joy, Pershore Brewery.

Co-Owner and Marketing Director Elizabeth, is a keen cook in the kitchen. Her love of entertaining friends and family locks her away all day, creating superb masterpieces for all to enjoy. With this skill, Elizabeth will be creating delicate, delicious and subtle craft ales.

Based in the heart of the business community, Pershore brewery is a thriving microbrewery, specialising in real and craft ales. With two session ales currently being brewed, we will be expanding our range over time and producing speciality craft ales for all seasons.
Sean is constantly reviewing his recipes and processes, and with the support of local producers and our local hop and grain merchants, we thrive to ensure the very best quality and taste is achieved.

Pershore Brewery