As part of the peace and tranquility project, St Peters Garden Centre is very proud to say that phase one of the project has been finished. The Kitchen garden is now open for all our customers to come and enjoy, we also use all of the fresh, organic vegetables within our Coffee Shop to ensure you have only the very best of produce.

Why grow your own vegetables? Well, there’s the practical advantage that it’s often cheaper than shop-bought produce, but for most of us the real benefits are far greater than this. Anyone that has had a go at growing their own will tell you that the taste of a home-grown tomato, or the sense of well being derived from digging up a row of fresh new potatoes is second to none. There’s also the opportunity to grow the old fashioned, or unusual varieties, that simply aren’t available in shops… and if this isn’t enough, you’ll be saving on the food miles at the same time.

The good news is with a little gardening know-how anyone can have a go at growing their own vegetables. You don’t need acres of space, or years of horticultural training, just roll up your sleeves and start having fun.

Growing Your Own Veg

Grow a Perfect Pizza

Top 10 easy vegetables

  • Beetroot: Sow at intervals from mid-March. Harvest from 11 weeks after sowing.
  • Broad beans: Best sown in spring. Dwarf varieties need less space and no staking. Harvest around 14 weeks from sowing.
  • Courgettes and marrows: Sow outdoors once the soil has warmed up from May to the end June. Compact, bushy varieties are better for small areas and containers. Harvest from 10-14 weeks from sowing.
  • Cut & come again salad leaves: Thin out plants to use in the kitchen, then keep cutting. Harvest from 6-8 weeks after sowing.
  • French beans: Sow outdoors once the soil has warmed up from May to the end June. Harvest 8-12 weeks from sowing.
  • Lettuce: Small lettuces, such as Tom Thumb or Little Gem, take up less room and there is less wastage. Harvest from 8-14 weeks after sowing.
  • Potatoes: Early varieties are the best and give that new potato taste. Plant seed potatoes from mid- to late March for first earlies, early to mid-April for second earlies. Harvest in 12-14 weeks.
  • Radish: Sow fortnightly from March to June for a continuous crop. Harvest from 3-4 weeks after sowing.
  • Runner beans: Sow outdoors once the soil has warmed up from May to the end June. Harvest 12-14 weeks from sowing.
  • Shallots: Plant shallot sets in February or March. Sets are quick to mature, producing a further 8 to 12 shallots each. Ready to harvest in 18 weeks.