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FREE Yoga Session 18th July at 09.30 – Absolute Beginners – Summer 2019
Ever felt you’d like to learn yoga basics? Never came across a class that would teach you from the very beginning at a gentle pace?
Get to know your body better, strengthen stretch and relax all in the same class – Come to your free taster lesson on Thursday the 18th July at 09.30 and optionally sign up for the summer course commencing 25th July for 6 weeks; Spaces Limited!
Yoga will Alleviate pain:
Strengthen and tone muscles: Improve flexibility and much more so…come and learn your sunsaluation from your supine twist and what Health Magic lies within these poses. a structured course giving you the confidence to join any other classes and / or practice by yourself at home. This course will connect you with the deep levels on which yoga works with your body and mind and will generally makes you feel so much better.
“Thank you Natalie for a great session today, my back feels so much better.” Shirely P
“I agree – feel so good. Thank you” Dianne M
St Peter’s Garden Centre – outside weather permitting. £40 full 6 week course.
Free taster – course space limited to 8 – Please contact Natalie of ZAF yoga directly 07341278643 & for more details and an info sheet.