Here at the St Peters Garden Centre we believe that the environment and the impact we have upon it is extremely important and we are always looking into ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and operate in a more environmentally friendly way.

Our Nursery

We are one of the few garden centres to still operate its own plant nursery as it benefits the local environment and massively reduces our carbon footprint. As more and more of our competitors choose profit over substance we believe that “home grown” is key to the future of British garden centres and as such over 70% of our plant stock is grown in our very own soil, using only the best reduced peat compost.

  • Home Grown Plants
  • We Have The Most Dedicated Nursery Team
  • Constant Care to Our Plants
  • Great nursery manager – Mark Reddall
  • Low Peat Content Compost Used.

Our Water Policy

Our onsite reservoir has been helping reduce our impact on the environment since we built it many years ago. All rain and run off water from throughout the Centre is collected in the reservoir. Water in the reservoir is filtered and re-used for watering the plants on our growing nurseries and plant area.

  • recycled 2500 litres of water
  • Onsite Reservoir
  • reduces our impact on the environment
  • Gives You Peace of Mind.
  • please help by using water butts at home

Large Selection of Water Butts Available

Cardboard & Plastic Recycling

For many years we have re-used/recycled all cardboard and plastics. We ‘re-use’ by giving the
cardboard and plastic plant trays to our customers to help carry their purchases home in, saving on carrier bags, & what can’t be reused we recylce using a local provider.

  • Recycle all cardboard
  • Recycle all Plastic
  • Encourage ‘re-use’ of all materials
  • Please help us by recycling

Local Suppliers

To minimise our carbon footprint we use local suppliers for our Deli, Coffee Shop, Plants, Furniture, Compost, Fencing and Wood.

  • Free Range Eggs – Clay Hill Farm
  • Deli – Local Cheeses, Beers and Ciders
  • Coffee Shop – Uses Local Butchers for meat
  • Conifers – 22 Miles
  • Fruit Trees – 6 Miles Away
  • Climbers – 17 Miles Away

What Else do we do?

We have reduced our carrier bag consumption dramatically over the past year by reusing cardboard and plastic trays. We also use strong bags to encourage customers to reuse the bags.
In any normal week we receive a number of pallets which some firms will burn when they have been unloaded. We store all pallets and offer them back to our suppliers to reuse over and over again.
We recycle thousands of glass bottles every year.
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St Peters Garden Centre is here to help

Our goal is to help the local community by encouraging recycling as much as we can.
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